Business and Tax Licenses

Obtaining a Business & Tax License

Every person engaged in business in the Town of Parker must comply with the Town’s licensing and tax laws, please fill out the Business and Tax License applications (PDF) to obtain a business and tax license.

If you are unsure if you need a business and tax license or if you have questions about the application process please view our webinar on Applying for a Business License.

To submit your completed Business and Tax License application either send it via email or mail to the following address:

  • Sales Tax Division
    P.O. Box 5602
    Denver, CO 80217

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your license to be approved. If you have questions regarding your business license, or you need to update your business information, please email the Sales Tax Division or call 303.805.3228. Please include your account number and business name in your correspondence. 

Supplemental Documentation
Depending on your business location, the following forms may be required supplemental information to your Business and Tax License application.

Businesses located in commercial areas of Town are required to submit a Parker Police and Fire Department Information Sheet (PDF). This information is crucial to Police and Fire personnel when responding to an emergency situation.

Businesses located in a private residence are subject to special regulations and requirements for home-based businesses. Please take the time to review and sign the Home Occupation Affidavit (PDF). Additionally, if your home business is an in-home daycare, please complete the Home Daycare Checklist (PDF).


Persons required to obtain a Contractors Registration through the Parker Building Division are no longer required to obtain a Business and Tax License. To determine if you are required to obtain a Contractors Registration please visit the Contractors Registration page. If you have additional questions email the Building Division or call 303.841.1970.

Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are required to obtain a Vendor Stand Permit for each location in addition to the Business and Tax License. These permits are issued by the Community Development Department, please review the Vendor Stand Permit (PDF) information. If you have additional questions email the Community Development Department or call 303.841.2332.

Additional Licenses Required

In some instances you may also be required to obtain additional licenses due to the nature of your business. The Town Clerk’s office issues the following licenses:

  • Liquor License
  • Peddlers and Solicitors License
  • Merchant Patrol License
  • Sexually Oriented Business License
  • Pawnbroker License
  • Massage Parlor License

For more information, please email the Town Clerk’s office or call 303.805.3198.