Application Instructions

Complete the online application thoroughly at eTRAKit. An account in the Town’s eTRAKiT system will need to be created. Please supply ALL the required information. The information must provide enough detail to fully explain your proposed activity or event, including a detailed site map, Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Parker as an additional insured, and an activities plan. Incomplete applications will not be processed and may result in a delay of the application review process.

Please provide a detailed site map of your event showing the following, if applicable:

  • Event location (including public property, buildings and streets that are part of or adjacent to the event)
  • Event route
  • Event registration
  • Start/Finish points
  • Stage and sound equipment
  • Food and/or beverage tent (size and location)
  • Tents (size and location)
  • Banner and/or signage size and placement
  • First aid/medical sites
  • Parking location
  • Generator particulars and locations
  • Street closure points
  • Location of any special attractions
  • Electricity requirements
  • Starting and ending time for the event – including set up and take down time

Each request for a Community Event Permit is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The application must be filled out completely and all supporting documentation required must be attached to the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for approval.