Open Space, Trails & Greenways Master Plan

Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Open Space, Trails and Greenways Master Plan is to:

  • Guide the assessment, conservation and management of open space as well as the assessment, linking and management of the trail system
  • Preserve open space and trail corridors for future generations
  • Enhance the linkages between open space, trails and the built environment
  • Ensure that open space and trail linkages are appropriate, seamless and safe


Town citizens, the Town Council, the Planning Commission and Town staff worked together to develop goals and strategies for the acquisition of open space and the development of our trail system. The goals and strategies are intended to set forth the framework for the acquisition, construction, management and maintenance of open space, open space facilities and trails.

A list of open space and trail qualities was developed that reflect stated community values. These qualities are used to determine whether an open space parcel should be prioritized for acquisition or a trail section should be prioritized for construction.

All of this is reflected in the Open Space Trails and Greenways Master Plan adopted in July 2010. Please view a copy of the Open Space, Trails and Greenways Master Plan (PDF).

Please contact Bryce Matthews at 303.805.3174 or via email or contact Mary Munekata at 303.805.3337 or via email. with any questions regarding this Plan.