Illicit Discharge Hotline

Reporting An Issue

Call the Stormwater Hotline at 303.805.6262 if you notice any unusual substances in or around a storm drain or drainageway. Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Location of the incident
  • When you saw the incident (date and time)
  • What materials were involved in the incident (if known)

Because the storm drains are separate from the sanitary sewer system, polluted waters flow directly into local streams and ultimately Cherry Creek without treatment. The legal authority for prohibiting illicit discharges is contained in Section 6.01.250 of the Town of Parker Municipal Code. Any violation of this ordinance is illegal and could result in a fine. You can make a difference by calling!

Inlet Markers

The Town of Parker's Stormwater Division installs inlet markers on storm drains throughout Town to assist in minimizing illicit discharges. Please call the Department of Engineering/Public Works if you have a storm drain in your area that does not have an inlet marker.