Stormwater Discharges


The following are types of discharges that are not allowed into the stormwater system.

Sanitary Wastewater Sources

  • Sanitary wastewater (usually untreated) from improper sewerage connections, filtration or leakage
  • Effluent from improperly operating or improperly designed septic tanks
  • Overflow of sanitary systems

Automobile Maintenance and Operation Sources

  • Untreated (e.g., through a well-maintained oil / water separator) commercial car wash wastewaters
  • Untreated radiator flushing wastewaters
  • Untreated engine degreasing wastes
  • Improper oil, gasoline and other automotive fluids disposal
  • Leaky underground storage tanks
  • Untreated leaking of oils, gasoline and other automotive fluids from automobiles

Landscaping Irrigation Sources

  • Direct spraying of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides onto impervious surfaces
  • Over-application of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides onto landscaping

Other Sources

  • Laundry wastes
  • Non-contact cooling waters
  • Metal plating baths
  • Dewatering of construction sites
  • Washing of concrete ready-mix trucks
  • Contaminated sump pump discharges
  • Improper disposal of household toxic wastes
  • Spills from roadway and other accidents
  • Chemical, hazardous materials, garbage and sanitary sludge landfills and disposal sites