Residential Properties

Billing & Payment Procedures

The fee is being billed through the Water and Sanitation District in order to minimize administrative costs of collection and to make it easier for citizens to make their payment. You will write a check for the total amount of the bill and remit to the Water and Sanitation District. The district will then turn over the Stormwater fees to the Town.

Customers in the Parker Water and Sanitation District, Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District and Stonegate Village Metropolitan District will pay the fee with their monthly bill. For current stormwater fee, billing and payment information, view the frequently asked questions page.

Delinquent Amounts

If for any reason the amount is not paid, you will receive a letter from the Town outlining collection procedures, which would ultimately result in a lien being filed against the property if the fee is not paid. For questions, please email Stormwater Billing or call 303.841.0353.