Greater Downtown District Circulation Network

The Greater Downtown District Circulation Network was developed to alleviate congestion and provide an environment where economic development can flourish through the development of alternative routes. Ensuring connectivity is only one part of the solution. Encouraging the desired roadside appearance and experience of these circulation networks is critical to ensuring that the future growth of the downtown core is developed in a manner consistent with the community vision.

Please view a copy of the Greater Downtown District Network Visionary Plan (PDF).

Visionary Plan Results
The Greater Downtown District Circulation Plan is a management tool that focuses on 3 critical elements:
  • Ensured connectivity
  • Circulation and character
  • Foundation of a successful and vibrant downtown
Connectivity / Circulation
The Plan's intended framework for vehicular circulation is created in order to provide a greater level of connectivity between uses in the downtown area. This framework provides a basis by which the Town can review projects during the approval process.

The framework is not intended to show all routes, only those primary circulation networks. As such, minor internal circulation specific to individual developments will need to be determined at time of platting and during the site plan review process.

Visionary Plan Character
The framework for the desired character and appearance of the street scape and development activities along the thoroughfares are also included in this Plan.

Such elements include:
  • Building setbacks
  • Height and visibility
  • Medians
  • Off-street parking from the public thoroughfare
  • On-street parking
  • Orientation
  • Pedestrian activity zones / sidewalks