Mainstreet Fixed Guideway Transit Study


One of the recommendations outlined in the Transit Feasibility Study was to further examine the feasibility of providing for a fixed guideway system from the planned Southeast Corridor light rail line terminus at RidgeGate in Lone Tree to downtown Parker.

This study examined the preferred technology (Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail) for accessing the planned end- of-line and developed plans for related transit improvements, such as Park-n-Rides. The study provides the Town with the ability to advance the corridor's readiness for implementation and ensure that future development plans along this route will accommodate the appropriate right-of-way needed for the transit line.

Support, Services, Stations & Planning

The RTD Board of Directors signed a resolution on July 20, 2004 in support of this effort and authorizing their staff to assist the Town with the study. On August 12, 2004, the Town retained Carter & Burgess to assist with this effort. This study was developed in close coordination with RTD and other key stakeholders. Based on stakeholder comments, existing and planned land uses and ridership information from the regional travel model, varying station locations were considered along each alignment.

Three general fixed guideway service options were considered:

  • Extend the Southeast Corridor light rail line east from RidgeGate to downtown Parker
  • Provide light rail or bus rapid transit (BRT) shuttle service between the light rail terminus in Lone Tree and downtown Parker
  • Provide BRT commuter service that links Franktown, Parker, and Lone Tree to the Southeast Corridor light rail line at RidgeGate

As a result of the technical alternatives analysis, as well as input from the key stakeholders, the BRT alternative was recommended. Additionally, a new downtown Parker Transit Hub, new Park-n-Rides and expansion of existing stations were identified.

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