Parker Downtown Strategic Action Plan

Background Purpose
In order to ensure the economic health and viability of Parker's downtown area, a study was initiated to develop an action-oriented plan to ensure continued investment in the commercial core of the community.

Community Involvement
A task force, comprised of citizens, business owners, developers, elected and appointed officials and Town staff, was appointed by the Town Council to develop the plan. Additionally, several public open houses and design charrettes were held to provide the community an opportunity to comment on the direction the plan should take.
Downtown Strategic Action Plan
The plan identifies a number of principles that serve as a guide when reviewing plans for new development downtown, including:
  • Planning for multiple transportation and pedestrian modes and routes of travel
  • Encouraging a mix of land uses that change in scale and intensity
  • Celebrating Parker's trail and open space connections
  • Connecting the east and west sides of Mainstreet
  • Continuing to develop small oases or green spaces
  • Planning for and establish a circulation network in the entire downtown area
  • Leveraging planned public investments
Strategic Actions
The plan identifies a number of projects or action items to be undertaken over a period of years. These include:
  • Rezone and adopt new development guides for the downtown commercial core in order to encourage intensity, activity and identity while promoting the desired retail mix within a more urban context
  • Improve connectivity and an overall circulation network
  • Create a more pedestrian-friendly downtown
  • Continue to improve the Mainstreet streetscape
  • Encourage small vest-pocket parks in site planning
  • Institute a public parking program
  • Improve Sulphur Gulch and connections to this pedestrian amenity
  • Create gateways at appropriate locations
  • Develop a wayfinding / informational signage program
  • Renovate Kieffer's Crossing pedestrian underpass
  • Study the feasibility of a multi-model transportation system
You may purchase a copy of the Parker Downtown Strategic Action Plan at Town Hall for $25.