Parker Rd (SH 83) Corridor Optimization Study


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), with assistance from their consultant, Wilson & Company, conducted a corridor optimization study for 2 State Highways: 83 and 86. The intention was to assess how to meet future travel demands in two corridors while considering modal mix, capacity, access, land use, cost, and funding options.

As part of this study, CDOT offered local jurisdictions an opportunity to provide input into this regional and statewide planning process. Of concern to Parker, was State Highway 83 (Parker Road) through the Town's Urban Service Area, more specifically from Cottonwood Drive on the north to Stroh Road on the south. To assist the Town with this effort, EDAW was brought on to provide illustrations that would represent the Town's vision during this process.

Parker Road Principles

Specific principles were integrated in the study and were the basis for the Town's recommendations:

  • Regional goal to establish alternative parallel routes
  • A limited access freeway is not acceptable
  • Current noise level is not acceptable
  • Parker Road should not be widened
  • Speeds should be lowered
  • Pedestrian friendly
  • Transit friendly
  • Town control of traffic signals


Five alternatives were initially considered:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Widen Parker Road
  3. Chambers Road Bypass
  4. One-Way Couplets
    • Parker Road and Twenty Mile Road
    • Twenty Mile and Dransfeldt Road
  5. Parallel Parkways

Of these, 2 alternatives, as outlined below, were carried forward and were supported for incorporation into the CDOT Study.

One-Way Couplets

Develop a one-way couplet along the existing Parker Road and Twenty Mile Road dividing north of Indian Pipe on the south and converging south of E-470 on the north. View One-Way Couplet Map (PDF).

Parallel Parkways

Develop parallel parkways using an Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) to guide traffic to the fastest route, dividing north of Indian Pipe on the south and converging south of E-470 on the north. View Parallel Parkways Map (PDF).