Transit Feasibility Study


The construction of the T-REX Southeast Corridor project, including a light rail (LRT) line along I-25 to Lincoln Avenue and along I-225 to Parker Road, provides transit opportunities for not only the Town, but also the entire southeast community. Prior to the opening of T-REX, Parker conducted a study to examine options to provide enhanced transit options to its residents and employees.

Three specific objectives were determined for this study:

  • Determine options for connections to the regional transit system
  • Determine options for bringing employees and visitors to Parker
  • Determine the feasibility of local bus service

The study was developed by working in close coordination with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), adjacent jurisdictions and the Parker Chamber. Additionally, Carter & Burgess was brought in to assist with this project.

Analysis & Evaluation of Alternatives

Current and future travel patterns in the Parker area were assessed to guide the development of alternatives. The data resources included the U.S. Census, Regional Transportation District park-n-Ride user information, 2 surveys and Denver Regional Council of Governments travel data.

An initial screening of potential options was performed with a fatal-flaw analysis. The elements which were advanced were brought together into a comprehensive plan.

Outcome & Results

The final study is divided into three stages and is based upon the major milestone of T-REX opening:

  • Pre T-REX (2004-2006) (PDF): In the immediate future, improved local circulation and a transit connection to Aurora is introduced.
  • T-REX Opening (2006) (PDF): The introduction of T-REX light rail service and improved local service further advances the transit system to meet the objectives.
  • Long-Term (20+ Years) (PDF): In the 20-year horizon time frame, the plan fully achieves the objectives by providing a premium connection to the regional system, has transit services for bringing employees and visitors to Parker and furnishes local bus service within the Town.

View a copy of the full document (PDF).