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The original item was published from 7/18/2018 12:12:31 PM to 7/26/2018 12:00:02 AM.

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Posted on: July 17, 2018

[ARCHIVED] Town Council Meeting Update - July 16

Town Council Meeting Update

Want to know what happened at the most recent Town Council Meeting? We have you covered! Recaps will be posted on each Wednesday following that week's Town Council Meeting.


Public Hearings

Cottonwood Highlands Filing 6 - Minor Development Plat

Town Council approved a Minor Development Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Cottonwood Highlands Filing 6, located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Jordan Road and Parkerhouse Road in the Cottonwood Highlands Planned Development (PD). The applicant, Land Development Consultants, submitted a proposal to subdivide an existing 8.3-acre parcel into three lots and one tract. The lots are zoned for commercial use and will be developed with neighborhood retail and services to support the growing residential community in the surrounding area. The tract will contain an on-site detention basin to serve the planned commercial development.

Approved 4-0

Springhill Suites by Marriott Tax and Fee Assistance Program Agreement

Town Council previously approved a Tax and Fee Assistance Program (TAP) incentive agreement for a Springhill Suites by Marriott hotel to be developed by 2 Combs Enterprises, Inc. in April 2017. The developer’s construction schedule has been extended due to their delay in addressing site plan review comments and problems with the construction of foundations and footings. As a result, they required an amendment to the original TAP incentive agreement to revise the condition precedent date included in the original agreement.

Approved 4-0

2018 Town of Parker Revised Budget

Town Council approved a $2.0 million reduction in the Town’s 2018 budget as a result of a continuing deadline in sales tax revenue. The last two months have been close to a year-to-date 0% growth rate. This reduction comes in addition to a previous $2.7 million reduction that Town Council approved in May. This most recent reduction includes: 1. Several open positions will not be filled in 2018; 2. Reduction of part-time staffing budgets and marketing expenditures for the Cultural Department; 3. Elimination of many employee recognition initiatives and events; 4. Reductions in employee travel, training, education, mileage, office supplies and meals; 5. Elimination of the Holiday Carriage Ride program; 6. Moving the Town’s Citizen Survey from a two-year to a three-year schedule, and; 7. Deferral of some projects, including the Town’s contract for external marketing and the Economic Development Division’s retail study.

Approved 4-0

Items Approved on First Reading on July 2

Elevator Inspection Memorandum of Understanding

Execution of this Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) by Town Council allows the Town of Parker to continue the inspection service for elevators for residential and commercial projects. The Community Development Building Division will continue to contract with Colorado Code Consulting for elevator inspection service. Costs associated with elevator inspection services will continue to be paid by the building owners.

Approved 4-0

Animal Code Amendments

Passage of this ordinance amends various sections of the Parker Municipal Code concerning animals, including: 1. Eliminating the requirement to register dogs that are “intact” and; 2. Allow the sale or transfer of a dog to be completed at least eight weeks versus 10 weeks, which is consistent with state law. Previously, the Town did not have a system in place to complete the registration process for an “intact” dog, nor had it been enforced in the past. The ordinance removes this requirement from the Town’s Code. Regarding the requirement that a sale or transfer of a dog not take place until the age of 10 weeks is inconsistent with the state’s law. The language between the previous Code and the state’s law had caused confusion for residents who were trying to be compliant.

Approved 4-0

Cherry Creek at KOA Property Drainage and Flood Control Improvements

The Town of Parker and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District previously executed an intergovernmental agreement to fund the design of improvements to Cherry Creek from the McCabe Meadows trailhead to the vicinity of Flat Acres Farm. This segment of Cherry Creek is generally adjacent to the KOA property. Town Council approved this amendment to the agreement to include additional funding to finalize the design and plan for construction.

Approved 4-0


Consent agenda items are considered to be routine and are enacted by one motion or vote, unless a Councilmember asks that one be removed for further discussion.

First Readings – Items Approved for Second Reading Scheduled for Aug. 6

Parker Square Tract C-1 - Vacation of Right-of-Way and Rezone

The applicant, Gene Gregory and Sons, is proposing to rezone Parker Square Tract C-1 from C - Commercial to Greater Downtown District/Market Center. The applicant is also requesting that the Town vacate a portion of the Sun Way right-of-way (ROW) adjacent to Tract C-1. If approved, the applicant would purchase the vacated ROW from the Town to improve access and parking for future commercial development. The applicant has submitted the rezoning application to permit a reduced front yard setback for a planned restaurant and to make the subject property consistent with the adjacent zoning to the north. The Sun Way ROW vacation is being requested to accommodate an access driveway, circulation aisle and parking for the planned restaurant. The Department of Engineering and Public Works has reviewed the vacation request and is supportive of it subject to Town Council approval.

Approved 4-0

Reata North Filing 1 Tracts S and T - Easement Agreement First Amendment

The Reata North wellhouse is located within an easement dedicated over Tract T, Reata North Filing No. 1, which is otherwise designated as open space and is owned by the Town. This easement was granted to the Parker Water and Sanitation District by the Town in 2005, and in part provided PWSD with the ability to use the adjacent Town lands to gain vehicular access to this facility for maintenance and operation. Over the years, an informal access route to the wellhouse has been worn through the Tract T open space. With the park continuing to see increased use, both Town staff and PWSD staff agreed that formalizing access on this route is desirable to minimize the interaction between maintenance vehicles and park users. This item proposes to amend the original easement agreement to describe the alignment of this informal road through Tract S and T as PWSD’s access route.

Approved 4-0

Shopping Center Assistance Program

The Town currently has a Tax and Fee Assistance Program (TAP) with the stated purpose “ encourage the recruitment, retention, establishment and/or expansion of retail sales tax-generating businesses and employers within the Town....” A new program, the Shopping Center Assistance Program, is proposed in response to the changing retail development market and limitations of the current TAP Program. The proposed program provides the Town with an economic development tool to attract and recruit mixed-commercial development containing a substantial retail component, albeit with smaller end users or tenants that may not be known until later in the development process. The proposed program incorporates criteria for participation that raise the barrier to entry and establish financial limitations related to the incentive(s). This will ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for eligible developers and the Town of Parker.

Approved 4-0

Motions, Contracts, Resolutions, Proclamations, Agreements

Administrative Organization Plan Amendment

The Town Administrator is responsible for proposing a plan for the administrative organization of the Town, subject to Town Council approval. The Town Administrator requested to amend the organization plan via resolution by Town Council. The amended organization plan shifts the oversight of the IT Department from the Deputy Town Administrator to the Finance Director and the Municipal Court Division to the Assistant to the Town Administrator. The adjustment allows for improved communication, guidance and more efficiency with regard to allocation of resources.

Approved 4-0

Parker Pointe Property Annexation Petition Compliance and Public Hearing Date

The Parker Pointe property is located at the southeast corner of Parker Road and Stroh Road in unincorporated Douglas County. The property owner, Parker & Stroh, LLC has submitted an Annexation Petition to annex its land into the Town of Parker. The subject property is located within the Town’s Urban Growth Boundary in a designated Community Center for future commercial use. Subject to annexation, the applicant intends to zone and develop the property for commercial businesses. The proposal to annex the property into the Town is therefore consistent with the Parker 2035 Master Plan. Town Council approved this resolution finding substantial compliance of the Annexation Petition and set a Public Hearing date of Aug. 20, 2018 to consider the petition.

Approved 4-0

Lemon Gulch Drainage Easement

Town Council approved acceptance of the conveyance of a drainage easement from Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD) over Lemon Gulch on the PWSD property located south of Stroh Road and east of Crowfoot Valley Road. The drainage easement is necessary to provide for transitional grading downstream of the proposed Lemon Gulch at Meadowlark Stormwater Capital Improvement Project.

Approved 4-0

Parker Senior Center Bargain and Sale Deed and Assignment

The Town has accepted the transfer of Douglas County’s interest in the property where the Parker Senior Center is currently located should the property ever cease to be used for senior citizen activities. At the time that the property was dedicated for public uses by the developer of the Parker North subdivision in 1979, the property was located in unincorporated Douglas County. The property was later annexed into the Town in 1989.

Approved 4-0

Contracts Over $100,000

Four contracts over $100,000 were approved by Town Council:

1. A professional services agreement with Kimley Horn in the amount of $118,120 to complete the Parker Road Corridor Plan, which will establish a land use, transportation and urban design framework for this major highway corridor through Town

2. A trade contractor agreement with 53 Corporation, LLC in the amount of $734,552 for the replacement of a failing retaining wall located along Parkglenn Way north of Plaza Drive

3. A contract modification with Paonia, Inc., in the amount of $28,000 for a revised contract amount of $229,080 for the 2017 Miscellaneous Signal Repairs project related to maintenance, repairs and upgrades at 10 signalized intersections in Town.

4. A trade contractor agreement with Terracare Associates, LLC in the amount of $259,659.40  for landscaping and irrigation of three median islands on Jordan Road between Hess Road and Bradbury Parkway.

Approved 4-0

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