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Posted on: April 16, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Town Council Meeting Update - April 15

Town Council Meeting Update

Want to know what happened at the most recent Town Council Meeting? We have you covered! Recaps will be posted on each Wednesday following that week's Town Council Meeting.


Public Hearings

Stroh Road Right-of-Way Property Annexation
Town Council approved a pair of items resulting in the annexation of a portion of the Stroh Road right-of-way (ROW) located on the south side of the road between Motsenbocker Road and J Morgan Boulevard. This property was acquired by the Town, and the annexation will bring the ROW into the Town and allow for the future planned widening of Stroh Road from the current two-lane roadway to an arterial roadway with four lanes and a center median. The schedule for construction is dependent upon future budget appropriations but is currently anticipated to occur within the next five years.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Parker Premise Warehouse Rezoning
Two ordinances were approved by Town Council resulting in the rezoning of the property known as the Parker Premise Warehouse property located along Longs Way between Twenty Mile Road and Dransfeldt Road. The former zoning for the property was adopted in the early 1980s and included a wide variety of uses. The existing three buildings on the property were constructed in 2007 to only allow for storage uses. Over time, the use of the spaces within the buildings have expanded beyond storage, which has caused the property to be out of compliance with the Land Development Ordinance (parking, landscaping) as outlined within the approved Site Plan and the Building Code. The new zoning takes into account how the buildings were constructed from a Building Code perspective and outlines the specific uses allowed, based upon the Building Code. The rezoning will allow for the expansion of uses on the property to be consistent with the noncompliant uses taking place for the last 10 years.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Anthology North Land Development Ordinance Partial Waiver
The owner and their development partner for the Anthology North property have indicated that they wish to begin development of the site in 2019 on a phased basis. A proposal was made to initiate the phased development process by a subdivision plat of Anthology North into three segments. To do so, a partial waiver of certain subdivision regulations in the Land Development Ordinance was requested. The partial waiver would require that the property owner and their development partner satisfy all LDO requirements but provide a deferral of certain subdivision regulations for: (1) the initial plat to create three segments, and (2) future phases beyond Segment 1. Town Council approved this partial waiver via resolution.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Parker Authority for Reinvestment Administrative Services Agreement
Town Council approved a First Amendment to the Amended and Restated Cooperation Agreement between the Town and Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR). This amendment comprehensively memorializes the relationship and clarifies various budget costs for the 2019 budget year.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Lemon Gulch Drainage and Flood Control Improvements
The Town of Parker and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District received funds from Meritage Homes to design improvements to Lemon Gulch through the Meadowlark development. This satisfied the developer’s obligation to design the major drainage improvements to Lemon Gulch. The second part of the developer obligation is to fund the construction costs for the improvements. Meritage Homes has provided the funds to the Town, and through this intergovernmental agreement amendment that was approved by Town Council, the Town will transfer the funds to Urban Drainage for construction.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Salisbury Park Water Easement
Town Council approved an ordinance that resulted in the dedication of a waterline easement to Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD) over Town-owned property, Lot 1, Salisbury Equestrian Park. This easement was requested to accommodate the installation of two additional waterlines that will increase service capacity from PWSD’s Regional Wellhouse within Salisbury Park. This easement will be dedicated as part of an ongoing easement and right-of-way swap between the Town and PWSD, and no direct payment was proposed.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Town of Home Rule Charter Changes - Special Election Ballot Questions
Town Council approved an ordinance resulting in the approval of seven ballot questions to amend the Town of Parker Home Rule Charter for the 2019 special election scheduled for Nov. 5. An eighth question (detailed in the next item) was removed by Town Council for further discussion at a future Town Council Study Session. Per the Town Charter, the Charter may be amended at any general or special election with questions that have submitted to the electors by a majority of the Town Council. The questions include:

1 - 4. In 1995, Parker voters approved a measure to move the Town’s from a “Strong Mayor” to a “Town Council-Town Administrator” form of government. Currently, there are still several references in the Charter that subscribe duties and powers to the Mayor that are more appropriately delegated to the Town Administrator. To address these references in the Charter, the first four ballot questions amend: (1) Section 4.6; (2) Sections 8.3(d) and (e); (3) Section 9.12; and (4) Sections 15.14 and 15.15.

5. The fifth ballot question requires the Town Administrator, rather than the Town Council, prepare and approve the Town’s personnel manual, subject to annual budgeting and appropriation.

6. The Charter refers to the chief administrative officer of the Town as the “Town Administrator.” The sixth ballot question would revise all references in the Town Charter from “Town Administrator” to “Town Manager.”

7. Currently, the Charter requires the Planning Commission to review and approve plats. The seventh ballot question removes this requirement, which can then be directed by ordinance, rather than by Charter.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Term Limits - Special Election Ballot Question
Pursuant to Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, § 11, an elected official is limited to two consecutive terms. Voters of home rule municipalities may lengthen, shorten or eliminate this limitation. This proposed ballot question would allow the Mayor and Town Councilmembers to serve three consecutive four-year terms of office. Town Council elected to remove this item from the previous proposed ordinance and will revisit it during an upcoming Town Council Study Session.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

High-Speed Internet, Telecommunication and/or Cable TV - Special Election Ballot Question
Pursuant to Colorado Senate Bill 152 (SB-152) local governments cannot provide subscribers with cable television service, telecommunications service or advanced service, which includes high-speed internet access, unless authorized by the voters. Town Council approved this ordinance that will submit a ballot question for the Nov. 5 special election to override the provisions of SB-152. To date, over 100 other cities and towns have successfully passed ballot measures to override the prohibitions in SB-152.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)


First Readings - Second Readings Scheduled for May 6

SunMarke PD Development Guide Amendment
The subject property is located on French Creek Road west of Motsenbocker Road and is part of the SunMarke Planned Development (PD). The applicant, RainTree Investment Corporation, has submitted a rezoning application to amend certain standards in the SunMarke Development Guide including lot size. The purpose of the proposed rezoning is to accommodate future homes that meet the current market demand.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Parker Plaza Property Rezoning
The applicant has submitted a rezoning application to amend the zoning of the subject property, located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Parker Road and Plaza Drive, from C-Commercial to Planned Development (PD). The intent of this rezoning application is to permit assembly uses with a maximum floor area of 10,000 square feet on the lower level of the building facing west only, while continuing to allow retail and service uses across the site as listed in the proposed Parker Plaza Shopping Center PD zoning. The assembly uses that would be permitted include day care and recreational facilities, membership and health clubs, instructional services/studios and places of worship. Assembly uses are currently restricted to 3,500 square feet for properties zoned C-Commercial.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Possession of Alcohol in Public Places
SB-18-243 allows municipalities and counties to authorize the consumption of alcoholic beverages in any public place, other than a public right-of-way. These two proposed ordinances would amend the Town Municipal Code to allow the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on park lands that will be designated by separate Town Council resolution. At the May 6, 2019, Town Council Meeting, staff will also present a resolution designating Discovery Park, subject to specified conditions (such as limited hours).
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Motions, Contracts, Resolutions, Proclamations, Agreements

Data Storage Equipment Agreement
The Town entered into an agreement with Bank of the West, d/b/a NetApp Capital Solutions on Oct. 25, 2018, in the amount of $108,487.28 for the lease of equipment for the primary data storage for the Town of Parker. The purpose of this amendment, which was approved by Town Council, is to clarify the billing address for the Town, the shipping address the product was received at, and the recognition of delivery and receipt of the product in its entirety.
Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Parker Authority for Reinvestment Capital Improvement Program
Town Council passed a resolution directing Town staff to work with the Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR) to identify public improvements within the Town’s three urban renewal areas that may be financed by a future PAR bond issue, and to work with PAR to develop a strategy for issuing indebtedness under the Urban Renewal Law.
Approved 4-2 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Williams; Opposed: Poage, Toborg)

Contracts Over $100,000
Three contracts over $100,000 were approved by Town Council: 

1. A trade contractor agreement in the amount of $1,065,381.50 with Stone and Concrete, Inc., for the 2019 Townwide Concrete Replacement Program, which work to maintain, update and enhance the Town’s roadway network.

2. A trade contractor agreement in the amount of $294,903.56 TAT Construction for the Hess Road - Country Meadows commercial access traffic signal.

3. A trade contractor agreement in the amount of $149,794.00 with American Striping for the 2019 Townwide Pavement Markings - Crosswalk/Symbols project, which works to maintaining and enhancing the Town’s roadway pavement markings.

Approved 6-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Rivero, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

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