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Posted on: July 10, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Town Council Meeting Update - July 8

Town Council Meeting Update

Want to know what happened at the most recent Town Council Meeting? We have you covered! Recaps will be posted on each Wednesday following that week's Town Council Meeting.


Public Hearings

2019 Budget Revisions
Town Council passed an ordinance amending appropriated funds for the 2019 Town of Parker Annual Budget. These revisions included:

1. General Fund - The Town is refunding the 2009 Certificates of Participation. As part of this transaction, $3,500,000 will be paid towards the existing principal.

2. Addition of $750,000 to the budgeted sales tax revenue.

3. Cultural Fund - The PACE Center roof has failed and requires a new one. The quote for the replacement is $230,000, of which $30,000 has already been budgeted
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Green Acres Tributary Improvements - Intergovernmental Agreement
Town Council approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to transfer funds received from the developer of the Compark South property to the District. The funds will be used to design improvements to the Green Acres Tributary located on the Compark South property. Design and construction of the improvements is an obligation of the developer and providing these funds to the District satisfies this Town requirement.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

South Metro Fire Rescue Settlement Agreement
Town Council passed a resolution approving the Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement by and between the Town of Parker and South Metro Fire Rescue Fire Protection District. The two entities have been involved in litigation in Douglas County District Court and desire to resolve it by addressing impacts to the District that are created by new development in the Town. As a result, the Town and the District desire to enter into an Agreement and include as a component of the Town Excise Tax an excise tax for public safety services, subject to Town voter approval during the Nov. 5, 2019 election. This Public Safety Services Component would be remitted by the Town to the District on an annual basis for a minimum of 20 years. For the reason that the Town Excise Tax, including the Public Safety Services Component, is subject to voter approval during the Nov. 5 election, the Town and the District desire to conditionally resolve litigation through this Agreement, subject to the conditions contained in the agreement.
Approved 4-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Toborg, Williams; Recused: Poage)


First Readings - Second Readings Scheduled for July 15

Impact Fees
Two ordinances have been proposed that would result in the establishment of impact fees on new development for the following categories: general government, police, courts, public works, parks and recreation and transportation. Fees would be paid at the time of building permit, at which time credit will be given for excise taxes paid. If passed, this ordinance will become effective on Sept. 1, 2019. Additionally, there is a proposed ordinance under consideration by Town Council that would place a question on the 2019 election ballot for residents to decide whether to raise the Town’s current excise tax on new residential development only. If that issues passes, this impact fee ordinance would be repealed.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Excise Tax Ballot Question
This proposed ordinance would submit to the electors a ballot question at the Nov. 5, 2019 election whether to raise the excise tax on new residential development only. The purpose of the excise tax increase would be to fund streets, parks and recreation, law enforcement and public safety services, as well as administrative facilities for the Town. Additionally, it would allow the amount of the tax to be increased according to the increase in the Colorado Construction Cost Index, which reflects annual changes in local construction costs.    
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

2019 Budget Revisions
Budget adjustments for the current year budget are submitted to Council for consideration several times a year. This ordinance that was approved by Town Council covers the following adjustments:

General Fund - increase revenues and expenditures by $1,000 for the court division.

Parks and Recreation Fund - Increase expenditures by $7,330 and increase revenues by $500,000 for a net revision to decrease budget by $492,670. This is due to revisions of scopes of several projects including the High Plains Trail and the H2O’Brien Pool renovation.

Cultural Fund - Increase expenditures by $6,300 due to custodial contract increase.

Recreation Fund - Increase expenditures by $3,700 due to custodial contract increase.

Capital Improvements Fund - Increase expenditures by $525,000 for power line undergrounding. The revenue to offset this expenditure is already in the 2019 budget.

The total budget amendment would result in a net increase of $42,330.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program Participation Agreement 
In 2013, the City and County of Denver established the Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program (the Program) to assist home buyers with down payment assistance. The City and County of Denver made the program available to all Denver Metro area communities. In 2013, the Town Council approved a Delegation and Participation Agreement to allow Parker to participate in the Program. It expired in November 2018. In order to continue to participate in the program, the Town must approve a new Delegation and Participation Agreement allowing the City and County of Denver to offer the program in Parker. There is no cost or liability for the Town to participate in the program.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Douglas County Community Response Team Program Agreement
The Parker Police Department has pursued a new partnership to provide a mental health clinician to work out of the Parker Police Department, at no cost to the Town, to accompany officers responding to mental health calls for service. This ordinance would enter the Town into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners, the Douglas County Mental Health Initiative and Caring Communities of Colorado, LLC, to ensure that a qualified clinician is available to accompany law enforcement when responding to mental health calls in order to provide residents with the professional support they need in these situations.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Debt Refinancing
An amendment has been proposed to an ordinance passed by Town Council on May 23, 2019 relating to refinancing of 2009 Certificates of Participation. The result of the amendment would be lowering the amount of General Fund reserves paid towards the reduction or principal from $4 million to $3.5 million. The interest rate savings to the Town will be significant due to the current interest rate environment and the $3.5 million from reserves utilized to pay down the principal.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

2019 Douglas County Coordinated Election
The Town’s special election will be conducted as a coordinated election with Douglas County on Nov. 5, 2019. The Town and Douglas County are required to enter into an intergovernmental agreement to govern the conduct of the election.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Motions, Contracts, Resolutions, Proclamations, Agreements

Town of Parker Emergency Operations Plan Update
The Town’s Emergency Operations Plan has been written to follow FEMA and DHS guidelines. After thorough review and editing by our many cooperating agencies, including Douglas County, Arapahoe County, the State Office of Emergency Management and the City of Lone Tree, the plan was revised and adopted via this resolution that was passed by Town Council.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Chambers Road Annexations Hearing Date
Town Council passed four resolutions related to the proposed annexation of a portion of Chambers Road between Mainstreet and Heirloom Parkway that would rationalize the Town’s western boundary, reflect existing Town ownership of the right-of-way (ROW) and ensure the continuity of municipal services. These actions set a public hearing date of Aug. 19, 2019 for Town Council to consider the proposed annexations.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

Contracts Over $100,000
Five contracts over $100,000 were awarded by Town Council: 

1. A trade contractor agreement in the amount of $3,054,315 with HEI Civil for the Kings Point Way - Cottonwood Drive to Aurora Parkway Project. This program will construct a new roadway parallel to Parker Road to connect the Crown Point area with the proposed Kings Point development that will be located north of the Town’s boundary in Aurora. 

2. A trade contractor agreement in the amount of $706,380.15 with Brannan Sand and Gravel, Inc. for the Lincoln Avenue Extension Overlay and Auxiliary Lane Project. This project consists of the addition of an axillary lane, the roto-milling and removal of existing top mat of asphalt and placement of new hot mix asphalt pavement on Lincoln Avenue east of Parker Road.

3. A contract modification in the amount of $86,000 with Stone and Concrete, Inc. for the 2019 Townwide Concrete Replacement Program. Since approving the original contract, Town staff has identified the need for additional sidewalk adjacent to the Bar CCC Park parking lot on the west side of Twenty Mile Road. This additional sidewalk will eliminate gaps that would have been created due to the delay of the Bar CCC Improvement Project.

4. A professional services agreement in the amount of $112,218 with Wenk Associates for landscape architecture and engineering services related to the Auburn Hills Park Improvement Project.

5. A professional services agreement in the amount of $234,400 with Beehive Industries for the purchase of asset management software that was requested by the Engineering and Public Works Department and the Parks Division during the 2019 budget process. The addition of an asset management program will allow Town staff within multiple departments/divisions, to better serve the community with increased responsiveness. This program will provide accurate data and work records for decision making and budgeting while providing a return on investment through improved efficiencies and quality of work.
Approved 5-0 (In Favor: Diak, Lewis, Poage, Toborg, Williams)

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