Why is Parker not hosting a fireworks show this year?

With recent fire events across our region, ongoing drought conditions and fire ban risk, the Town of Parker has chosen to try a new and innovative finale experience—a drone light show—for the 2022 Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration. The 12-minute display above Salisbury Park will start at 9:30 p.m. and feature multiple designs and choreographed movements from a fleet of drones set to patriotic music.

The Town recognizes the beloved tradition of Independence Day fireworks. As such, the drone light show finale is a one-year trial for 2022. Following the event, the finale experience will be evaluated, with the option to return to a firework display or continue with the drone display in 2023.

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1. What has changed with this event since it was last hosted in 2019?
2. Why is Parker not hosting a fireworks show this year?
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