What types of food and beverage are at the event?

What types of food and beverage are at the event?
You’ll have plenty of dinner choices from hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, bbq, Asian Fusion and more! Sweet treats will include ice cream, shaved ice, kettle corn, cotton candy and funnel cakes!  The food vendors are very popular and lines tend to be long. Vendors will be serving starting as early as 5 p.m. and lines tend to be shorter during the early part of the event. 

We are excited to bring back many beloved food vendors and some new ones as well. 2022 food vendor list includes: 

  1. Archie’s Dog House
  2. Bloom and Grow Kitchen
  3. Cindy’s Food-Lish-Us
  4. Comforts of Home 
  5. DC Concessions
  6. H3Sh3r BBQ Co
  7. HipPops
  8. Kona Ice of South Aurora
  9. La Hacienda
  10. Old Time Kettle Korn
  11. Original Berrie Kabob
  12. Rebel Cookie Dough
  13. Rory’s Blue Collar Catering
  14. The Goods Smoke & Grill 
  15. Wechef Asian Fusion 
  16. What Would Cheesus Do

Coolers with food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought in by event patrons.  However, onsite cooking is prohibited, as is alcohol. 

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