Are there other areas of Town for people to view the fireworks from?

Yes, there are a number of different public areas around Salisbury Park for residents and guests to view the fireworks show. Parking lots at a variety of public parks are great viewing options, including those at Bar CCC Park, McCabe Meadows, Stroh Soccer Field, Auburn Hills Community Park. The Cherry Creek Trail between Bar CCC Park and Stroh Soccer Field is one of several areas that will provide good views for those who do not intend to drive. A full list and map of possible public and private partner parking areas will be posted prior to the event at

Depending on site view limits (tree line, buildings, houses and/or terrain) the fireworks may be able to be seen from up to 2 miles away from the Salisbury North launch site.

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6. Are there other areas of Town for people to view the fireworks from?
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