Community Development Department

Fireworks Sales Prohibited During Stage 1 Fire Restriction

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office issued a Stage 1 Fire Restriction on April 21, 2022. According to the Town of Parker Municipal Code, the sale and use of fireworks in Town is currently prohibited while fire restrictions are in place. The Town’s Community Development Department will continue to accept and review Temporary Use Permit applications for fireworks stands, however, applications will not be approved and permits will not be issued until the Sheriff’s Office rescinds fire restrictions if conditions improve.

Community Development Work Program/Work Plan

The Work Program and Three-Year Work Plan identify various projects, programs and day-to-day operations across all divisions to effectively maintain the orderly and balanced growth of the Town. View the plan here.


The Community Development Department consists of the following two divisions:

Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for reviewing and approving requests for building permits in the Town of Parker.

Planning Division

The Planning Division consists of Comprehensive Planning and Development Review.

Pre-Application Meetings

Zoning Map