Community Event Permit Fees

There is a $25 Application Fee due upon the submittal of a community event permit application. If Town facilities or services are used, additional fees may apply.

The applicant may be required to pay for costs of providing the following Town services:

  • Deployment of off-duty Police Officers
  • Overtime rates for additional Town staff, such as Parks and/or Public Works staff
  • Town of Parker facility use
  • Town of Parker equipment usage
  • Town Clerk Special Event Permit for alcohol
  • Signage or banner permits
  • Generators, tents canopies and inflatables inspections

Any additional costs due to the Town of Parker will be assessed when the Community Event Permit is issued.

If an applicant is unable to afford the costs of the fees, an appeal may be made in writing to the Town Administrator.

Fees that may apply to the event:
Fee Amount
Community Event Application Fee $25              
Refundable Damage Deposit for events over 500 people (minimum deposit                              $500
Special Events Permit Fee (Alcohol) $25

Generator inspection (only required for large tow-behind types) 

Small generators require that a generator check list be signed and submitted.

$25 per unit
Tent/Inflatables (Temporary Structures): Any tents intended for use during events must be clearly marked and labeled on the site map provided by the applicant. A $25 fee will be assessed for each tent/inflatable larger than 400 square feet and will require an onsite inspection $25 per unit
Business License $20 (biennial)
Overtime rate for Parks staff, if extra staff is required $31/hr
Amusement Ride Inspection (includes generators) $25 per ride