Development Design Standards Update

Project Update (Sept. 17, 2019)

A final draft of the Development Design Standards for Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-Use (CIMU) projects has been completed for public review! The new CIMU Design Standards will address site development and building design to achieve high-quality development that enhances the hometown character of Parker.  The new CIMU Design Standards features graphics, photos, and site layouts that will aid the development community in the design of buildings appropriate for Parker. We invite you to take a look through the new CIMU Development DesignStandards and provide input on the final draft.

To provide comment on the final draft, contact Carolyn Washee-Freeland  by email or phone at 303.805.3336.

Highlights of the new CIMU Design Standards

The following are a few highlights from the CIMU Development Design Standards:  

  • Addressing Building Orientation: The building orientation standards were created to emphasize the activation of street frontages and encourage high quality design while improving the public realm especially where people walk, bike and congregate. 
  • Creating a Human-Scaled Environment: Large development sites will be required to be divided into smaller commercial development blocks to improve multimodal connectivity and create a more walkable, bikeable and human-scaled environment.
  • Enhancing Building Design: The building design section addresses the design of a building’s front, side, and rear facades focusing on architectural detailing, and form and bulk standards. Buildings will be required to utilize high-quality exterior building materials in the design.
  • Building Typologies: To encourage buildings with high quality design and composition, building typologies were developed to allow for a design approach that responds to context, proposed uses and modern development practice. The building typologies are:
    • Commercial Buildings: Single-tenant commercial building, multi-tenant commercial building, office and vertical mixed-use
    • Commercial Buildings with Auto-Oriented Uses: Commercial building with a drive through, gas canopy, car wash or car repair. 
    • Industrial Buildings: Single-tenant building with office, warehouse and showroom, flex office building or a multi-tenant building.
  • Industrial Building Design: The Industrial building design section focuses on articulation, modulation and visual balance in building composition while considering the operational functions of the industrial use. 
  • Renovations of Existing Buildings: The new Design Standards for renovations and additions provide direction for improving an existing structure, requiring new building additions to be complementary in form/massing and integrating the new and old sections of a building together in a harmonious manner.

Next Steps

After a 10-day public review period, the final draft of the CIMU Development Design Standards will be completed and consolidated into a whole document with the Multiple-Family Design Standards that were adopted in 2018, for a complete update of the Town’s design standards. Public Hearings will be scheduled for October and November 2019 for adoption by Town Council. 

Project Status 

The 2019 Development Design Standards Update project has been organized into two main components (component 1:  Multi-Family and component 2:  Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed Use) that will apply Townwide. 

Component 1:  Multi-Family Design Standards
The Multi-Family design standards were completed in the Fall of 2018 and formally adopted by Town Council on November 19, 2018. 

Component 2:  Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed-Use Design Standards
Currently Town staff is working to finalize the second component – the Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed-Use (CIMU) design standards. This update is targeted for completion in the third Quarter of 2019.  

Project Questions

Have questions about this project or process? Please call 303.805.3336 or email us for more information.

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