Report of Changes

Several changes to a business are reported using the same form. These include but are not limited to change in manager, modification of premises (permanent or temporary) and change in corporate or trade name.

Required Forms

  • DR 8442, Permit Application and Report of Changes form (State Liquor Forms)
  • Attachments as required by the DR 8442

Tips and Helpful Information

  • Manager Registration for certain licenses (Hotel & Restaurant, Tavern and Lodging & Entertainment) require a fee of $30.00 to the State and $30.00 to the Town of Parker.
  • There are no Manager Registration fees for Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine licensees.
  • All other Manager changes have no fee to the State, but a $75.00 fee to the Town of Parker.
  • The fees to the State can be paid on their Online Payment Portal link: Please include a copy of the receipt with the form.