Obtaining Permits

All Building Permit Applications are through our online eTRAKiT system.  

Process Length

For all new construction, including residential and commercial:

  • The first initial plan review is as long as 2 to 4 weeks depending on volume which could shorten or lengthen the time, this excludes weekends and Holidays.
  • Re-review; is generally 2 to 3 weeks or possibly up to 4 weeks.  When resubmitting, verify all comments have been addressed for all plan reviewers.  
  • Includes but not no limited to: New buildings, Tenant Finishes, Remodels, Change of Occupancies, Multi-Family, Fire systems, etc...
  • This, of course, assumes that the entire application is complete upon original receipt.  All new applications go through a 5-day Completeness review.  

For existing residential construction:

  • The review time depends on the amount of work being done
  • An average time for the first review for new structures, additions, interior remodel, etc... generally 1 to 2 weeks
  • Minor projects such as: basement finish, decks, patio covers, etc... may only be 1 to 5 working days depending on complexity of project

Length of Validity

Issued permits are valid indefinitely (within reason) provided work is started within 180 days of issuance, and an inspection has been performed for each 180-day period thereafter.


The Town of Parker does require contractor license. View more information.

To make sure that your contractor has obtained a permit, please call the Building Permit Counter at 303.841.1970, give us your address and we can tell if a permit has been applied for and issued.

Additional Information

For more information, please call the Building Division at 303.841.1970.