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The original item was published from March 20, 2020 8:37 AM to February 21, 2023 11:19 AM


Town Q&A is a compilation of questions received by the Town of Parker across its social media accounts from the previous month. Have a question to ask about the Town or Town operations? Send your questions to Town of Parker Digital Marketing Coordinator Ryne Dittmer at to be answered in a future Town Q&A post.

Where can I find local information on coronavirus?
For the latest local information regarding COVID-19, visit the Tri-County Health Department at

 The Town of Parker continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation to keep our community and staff safe.
For the latest Town organizational updates, please refer to

Why do some residences have Parker mailing addresses, but are not located within Town boundaries?
The US Postal Service has assigned all of ZIP Codes 80134 and 80138 as Parker addresses. However, portions of these ZIP codes are not in with official Town of Parker boundaries and fall outside of Parker municipal services.

For some areas, these mailing assignments predate the Town’s incorporation, which took place in 1981.

You can find the Town of Parker boundary map here.

Why do I not see Parker snowplows clearing Parker Road?
Being a state highway, snow operations for Parker Road are coordinated by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Parker’s more than 500 other miles of roads are maintained by the Streets Maintenance Division. Based on the Snow Plowing and Ice Control Policy, these roads are divided into three tiers for snow operations. You may find the policy and other winter-weather resources on the Town’s Snow Operations webpage.