Apr 23


The original item was published from April 23, 2018 9:52 AM to February 21, 2023 11:20 AM

Town Q&A is a compilation of questions received by the Town of Parker across its social media accounts from the previous month. Have a question about the Town or Town operations to ask? Send your questions to Town of Parker Digital Marketing Coordinator Ryne Dittmer at to be answered in a future Town Q&A post.

Does the Town have parking space requirements for developers?
Site Plan applications for new development/buildings are required to meet the Town of Parker’s Land Development Ordinance (LDO). The LDO provides a broad range of standards and requirements, such as setbacks, building height, landscaping, and parking to facilitate orderly development. In regards to parking, the LDO provides a parking schedule (Schedule 13.06.050A) that requires minimum parking ratios for a number of land uses. The LDO Parking Schedule can be found here.

Staff reviews site plan applications to ensure that these parking standards are met and projects are providing adequate parking to support the new development.

The website for the Downtown Parking Study, completed in 2017, contains information and documents related to the use of parking in this area for additional reference.

What services does the Town not provide?
The Town of Parker does not handle trash, telephone service, water, sewer, electricity, gas, fire rescue, schools, libraries or cable television. Contact information for these outside service providers can be found on the Town’s What We Don’t Do webpage.

Do I need a permit for garage sale signs?
Permits are not required for garage sale signs, however there are guidelines on where they may be placed. Parker Town Council updated the Town’s sign code in July 2013 to allow for "limited duration and temporary signs," which include signs advertising garage sales. These signs are now permitted in the right-of-way for a limited period of time under the following conditions.

A maximum of four signs are permitted per residential lot:

• The signs may only be posted beginning at noon on Thursdays through 7 p.m. on the following Sunday
• The signs may not exceed 5 square feet per face and 4 feet in height
• The signs cannot be attached to public utility poles, traffic and other directional signs, vehicles, utility boxes, fences, other structures or trees
• The signs cannot be placed in medians, roadways, shoulders or bike paths/lanes
• Signs must be located 50 feet from all intersections and at least 6 feet from the edge of the roadway
• Signs must be located at least 10 feet from any other garage sale sign

As part of this program, the Town's Community Services Division has pre-approved Garage Sale signs available for purchase at Town Hall. This information can be found online at