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[ARCHIVED] Meet Our Department - Engineering & Public Works

The original item was published from November 20, 2017 8:45 AM to September 15, 2022 4:26 PM

Collectively, the Engineering and Public Works Department plans, designs, builds, maintains and operates public infrastructure within the Town of Parker including 333 detention ponds, 120 miles of storm pipe, 87 traffic signals, more than 5,000 street signs, 500 through-lane miles of streets, 32 separate buildings comprising 446,000 square feet of space, and over 300 vehicles and pieces of equipment.

Main office and contact information:
Address: Parker Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet
       Public Works Operation Center: 9045 Tammy Lane
Phone: 303.840.9546
Email: or

Visit Department website

Number of Employees:

Longest serving employee and years on staff:
Mark Lindgren — 25 years with the Traffic Services Division

Department Overview:
The mission of the Engineering and Public Works Department is to plan, design, build, maintain and operate public infrastructure in an efficient manner that will enhance the health and safety in Parker and to adequately preserve these assets for future generations.

Department Divisions:
Capital Improvements and Construction Services: The Capital Improvement Program provides replacement or construction of bridges/roadways, paving and widening of existing roadways within the Town of Parker. In addition, capital improvement projects include the construction/remodeling of Town buildings and the construction of parks and regional trails.

Streets Maintenance: Road improvements and transportation issues are some of the biggest concerns facing the Town of Parker. The Town is continually working on improving our transportation network and has recently completed several critical road projects, with many more in the works. Many of the projects focus on providing alternate routes around our community. Streets Maintenance also includes street sweeping and snow operations.

Engineering Services: Oversees design review to ensure compliance with the latest engineering criteria policies and best management practices for both commercial and residential developments. This division also provides construction permitting (excluding building permits) and construction inspections.

Stormwater Utility: Ensures stormwater systems are properly planned, constructed and maintained. The Utility provides overall stormwater management to prevent flooding, protect water quality and to preserve the natural creeks and gulches throughout the Town.

Traffic Services: Provides for transportation/traffic project development and implementation of the roadway system, including: traffic operations; transportation engineering; traffic studies; traffic signals, signs, markings and school flashers; planning design, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance; professional assistance; and coordination with other agencies regarding transportation and traffic issues.

Facilities Services: Maintains building maintenance and janitorial services for approximately 30 Town facilities.

Fleet Services: Provides oversight of the Town’s fleet including procurement and maintenance on over 300 pieces of equipment and vehicles.

How does this department impact daily life for Parker residents?
The services we provide likely impact the lives of every resident and visitor on a daily basis in one way or another. Whether it be the roads you drive on, the stormwater systems that protect your home from flooding, or the maintenance of the Town’s recreation, cultural and police facilities and vehicles, our staff is committed to the safety and welfare of our residents. 

What is the most common question received by this department and what is the answer?
Are the traffic signals coordinated/timed in the Town of Parker? YES. Although it may not seem like it at times, all of our traffic signals are coordinated through a Computerized Traffic Model and System. The Traffic Model was developed to optimize travel throughout Parker by minimizing travel time and delays at intersections. However, with the increased number of vehicles on the road (especially during rush hour) it can be difficult to optimize travel in all directions. We are continuously looking at ways to further improve our transportation system and appreciate hearing feedback from the traveling public if there appears to be problems with our signal operation.

What would residents be surprised to learn about this department?
Although we are not the largest Department (number of employees) in the Town, we are responsible for managing the largest portion of the Town’s budget. This is due to the vast number of Town properties and roadways we are responsible for designing, building and maintaining.

How can residents get involved with the Department of Engineering/Public Works?
Report a Road Problem: To report a road problem within the Town of Parker, including potholes, please call the Public Works Department at 303.840.9546 or send the department an email at Please give your name, phone number, and any information you have regarding what the road problem is and where it is located.

Email Notifications: Residents may sign up for email updates about road and transportation projects and issues at

Adopt-A-Street: Through the Adopt-a-Street Program, participants help keep the Town of Parker clean by adopting a section of roadway and picking up trash in that area several times during the year. The Public Works Department provides participants with orange trash bags for debris removal and orange vests are available for those working on or near roads. If you are interested in adopting a street, please contact the Public Works Department at 303.805.3206 or

What else should residents know about this department?
We sincerely appreciate feedback from our residents.  Whether it be a pothole in a street, a traffic signal that is malfunctioning or a detention pond that is not draining, we want to know if there is something that needs to be repaired.  Although we inspect our facilities/infrastructure routinely, things come up between our visits and we like to address problems before they become safety issues.