Is the Town holding an event and/or activities at Salisbury Park on July 4 this year?

No, there will not be activities held at Salisbury Park this year.  The Town surveyed our community last year and found that a majority of respondents felt that the event in the sky (fireworks) was the community’s Independence Day celebration and not the event on the ground at Salisbury Park. Additionally, many more respondents said that they preferred to have watch parties at their homes or other areas of Parker than those who preferred to attend the event at Salisbury Park. 

Another factor in transitioning away from the Town’s traditional in-person event is the forthcoming expansion of Salisbury Park North, which will require a relocation of the launch site in the coming years to another site that likely will not be able to accommodate a large public gathering. The expected start date of this park expansion is still to be determined.

As of result of the move away from a formal community gathering on July 4, the Town of Parker is excited to announce a new flagship event that will be held in the fall. The expanded Parker Fall Fest will be held Sept. 30 in downtown Parker and feature a variety of activities, as well as a drone light show finale similar in scope to what was held during last year’s July 4 event. The Town will announce more details about the expanded Parker Fall Fest in the coming months.

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