Why couldn’t a decision be made closer to the event?

Governor Polis’ Safer at Home order is in effect through May 27 and does not allow for gatherings larger than 10.  There is also no indication when mass gatherings of the size that attends the Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration will be allowed.  An event of this nature takes a lot of advance planning and coordination and many of the final plans are locked into place several months in advance.  There are also many people who work hard to put this event on, including sponsors, vendors, volunteers and staff. Delaying a decision until closer to the event date would have resulted in many of our partners being in limbo and not able to plan accordingly, as well as funds being spent on event contracts that couldn’t be recouped

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1. Why is Parker Stars and Stripes canceled?
2. Why couldn’t a decision be made closer to the event?
3. Why not keep the fireworks but cancel the event?
4. Why not reschedule the event to later in the summer or fall?
5. Will the Town be doing any other activities this summer?