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HOA Contact Information

  1. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with the most current HOA representative contact information. This list is frequently utilized by the Town to communicate information important to HOAs and their neighborhood’s residents. Information distributed by the Town may include; surveys, updates regarding safety, information about town development projects impacting neighborhoods/nearby areas and partnership opportunities with town staff and the Elected Officials.

    Our database includes the following for each HOA group. This simplistic approach allows us to best maintain a current list of the over 100 Parker HOAs. 

    1.    One board contact email  

    2.    One management company contact email 

    Many communities have been using a generic email address that is more easily passed from one board president to another (i.e. Similarly management companies using this format have found the transition from one manager to another to occur seamlessly. Additionally, having generic email addresses will help to keep our list updated when board members and staffing changes occur. We hope you will please consider these options.

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